Lean Supply Chain = Higher Profits

The Shortest Lead Time Possible

If you come to us with a finished product design, we'll get you into production within the shortest lead time possible for your product. It's as simple as that.

Re-Ordering? Three weeks or less.

Plastic injection molding parts produced in China take, on average, three months to get delivered to you. Medical Injection Molding parts produced in our facility average three weeks and are shipped directly to you. Which would you prefer?

The Race to Zero Downtime

Our process is built around leveraging kanban methodologies to their full potential in order to achieve true Just-in-Time supply chains. Our production facility includes a fully-equipped tool room that is staffed by five experienced, full-time mold makers.

On-Site Inventory

To minimize slack in your supply chain, we'll gladly keep an inventory of parts at our facility. Call up at a moment's notice, and we'll ship them directly to you. That's what we consider a real dock to stock experience.

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