Accelerating Time to Market

Bringing a product to market takes months of market analysis, design, tooling and trials.

To do it quickly and predictably requires a good knowledge of plastic processing, secondary operations and an in-depth knowledge of how injection moulds function.

The combination of hands on skill of the mould maker, design savvy of the engineer and you can bring your product to market on time and on budget.

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  1. Involve our tooling experts early in the design cycle. We are happy to review your designs in the early stages with an eye to reduce tooling and production cycle times
  2. Identify critical to quality issues and identify material early in the design cycle. Material lead-times can be longer than tooling lead-times
  3. Ensure your program engineers have a working knowledge of rapid prototyping options and tooling strategies, FDM vs SLA vs SLS and prototype vs. production tooling early on in the product development cycle.
  4. Concurrent engineering can cut weeks off your development cycle, talk to us about strategies that speed time to market.
  5. Have an internal team identified that can respond to design issues and first samples the same day they come up