The L-D Difference

Effortless Dock-to-Stock

Re-patriating or re-shoring your manufacturing production is straightforward and fast with the assistance of the team at L-D Tool & Die.

"Honour us with your business, and we'll deliver the best dock to stock experience you've ever had."

Chris Kaerbye, Plant Manager


We don't work for our clients, we work with them. At L-D Tool & Die, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile and working collaboratively with teams of professionals or a single point-of-contact. When we engage in a project with a client, they become a part of our team and we a part of theirs. Our ISO-certified process for managing design and manufacturing projects has been perfected over the last three decades. This ensures that we can deliver on the promises made to our clients.

What really takes our focus on process to the next level is the passion of our people and the genuine love that we have for exceptional mold making and production of plastic parts. What fuels our team is the sense of professional pride that comes from iterating a mold design to eliminate the imperfections that are a barrier to predictable results.

What makes us tick? A burning desire to bring precision and efficiency to the manufacturing process.


Our entire philosophy of business is driven by one simple reality:

Delivering exceptional service to our clients from start to finish is essential.

To us, success isn't merely delivering crates of finished parts to you around the time they were promised. Success at L-D Tool & Die involves giving our clients access to the expertise and experience of our senior management team at every critical junction throughout the design and production process. This involves delivering the highest quality medical injection molding parts where they need to be... on time, every time, and striving to drive down the costs of ownership across each manufacturing cycle.

Whilst collaborating with our passionate senior management team, you will have instant access to over two centuries of combined experience in the design and manufacture of custom injection-molded plastic parts.


When it comes to your parts, material matters.

Our longstanding relationships with top resin suppliers ensure that all materials are of the highest possible quality. We manufacture your parts from the specified materials: no substitutions, no exceptions. Certificates of compliance are available upon request.

mould making and plastic part manufacturing

Secondary Operations

In-house secondary operations are critical to shorten time to market. At L-D Tool & Die, we take pride in being able to a offer a wide range of secondary operations.

Some of the more common secondary operations we offer include:

Being able to offer our a clients a complete turn-key manufacturing solution is what makes us a valuable partner for any original equipment manufacturer.